litearralĭ.tēār.ä | is derived from Scots Gaelic, meaning “literate.” We bring a broad cultural and technical literacy to every project we undertake. With each new project, that literacy grows and goes to work for you.

Co-founders Daniel Maley and David Colbert started Litearra Communications because they enjoy creating solutions together. Their backgrounds are different but they share a zeal for helping people communicate.

As businesses. As organizations. And face-to-face.


We want to know. What drives you? What makes your business tick? What is your customer’s greatest need? We’ll ask this and many other questions until we feel we understand. Then Litearra can get to work for you to deliver your desired result.


“I didn’t see that one coming.” The straight-ahead approach can be effective. But sometimes the unexpected slips past a person’s filters and lands a message right where you want it. Yeah. Litearra is in the business of surprise, too.


As we listen to you, Litearra will gauge the effect of your message and how it supports your intent. We will learn what you want to convey and let you know if your messaging does that. We’ll guide you in making your messages memorable and remarkable.


This point is the most important we can make. We want you to know we have it. If we have to tell you, though, our integrity is immediately suspect. Instead, ask anybody who knows us. See what people have said about us. Try us out. You’ll be pleased with how good having honesty and a strong work ethic in your corner can feel.
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