“David’s unique approach will make your product memorable to your prospect. With smart use of headlines, sub-head and bullet points, he reaches your prospect where they are, and shows them where they could be with your help.

I highly recommend David Colbert for your copywriting needs.”

Kathy Mosebrook

“I worked in the same office as David as a Contractor at Lockheed Martin. David is an excellent writer and editor as well as a really superb individual. He has a very logical mind. His products stand for themselves as easy to understand and complete.

I highly recommend David.”

Steve Pelzer
IT Professional

“I’ve had the pleasure of being Dave’s colleague on a technical writing team for three years, and his work unquestionably raised the bar for me as a tech writer and editor. He’s the model of a technical writing professional: detail-oriented, thorough, and polished in his work, with a commitment to producing clear, plain-language prose even for complex technical ideas. His versatility as a writer made him the go-to person on our project for work as diverse as proposals, cyclical reports, training lesson plans, and newsletter articles, and his expertise was valued at every step of the document creation process from draft to copyedit to layout and publishing. He has a solid big-picture grasp of project management and workflow principles as well, and knows how to use that knowledge to inform his work while including only what’s useful to a document’s specific audience. In addition to all that, he’s also a joy to work with – he approaches everything with an enthusiastic, collaborative spirit and leaves his ego at the door, and he maintains a positive, good-humored attitude even under pressure. Dave would be an indispensable asset to any writing or editorial team, not only because he’s so very good at what he does, but also because he makes everyone around him better as well.”

Dan Layman-Kennedy
Content Management Specialist and Curriculum Developer

“I have worked with Dave for many years and he has been a true asset to my company by providing excellent technical copywriting services for many of my small to medium sized clients. As a technical copywriter, Dave’s strengths vary widely from website copy to corporate worldwide press releases and from B2C and B2B customers. He is able to quickly and fully comprehend each project and develop a story/copy making him invaluable to my company and my clients. I have and will always go to Dave for my copy needs, since he is so versatile with his language and skills.”

Kikki Avila
Co-Owner and President at SageBlu Marketing