We all have portals where people enter our lives or our businesses. And believe me, they’re not all alike. Whether we are intentional or just leave things to chance, we’re sending subtle or very clear messages to the people who enter through our portals.

On a recent trip through East Texas I noticed that most homes were surrounded by fences. I saw barbed wire, woven wire, chain link, steel pipe, high tension wire, and wooden fences.

The entryway to nearly every home was a gate. These, too, were varied. The most common was some variety of swinging steel tube stock gate, but there were also gates that slid along a track or on wheels, automatic electric gates, and custom gates with large medallions centered on the opening where two parts of the gate met.

The type of gate employed was part of the first impression, but the more telling part was how the gate was maintained. Sometimes everything was in perfect working order, the area around the gate was carefully landscaped, and the entryway was even well lit. At other homes, things seemed to have begun to suffer neglect, as if the owners no longer saw what I was seeing. There were also several where the bottom of the fence line was choked with grass, the gate itself was rusted, and it leaned at an angle as if it hadn’t been used in a while.

Each leaves an impression.

Our websites are like these properties. We have a sense of fencing ourselves to contain those things we do as a person or a business. Our home pages are our gates, and like the gates I’ve mentioned above, they are telling a story or creating an impression that we may be unaware of.

If you’d like to be intentional about your message, find an impartial third party who will tell you the truth about their experience at your gate. Do they want to come in? Is the state of your property suggesting they should go elsewhere? Take heed to what they are saying.

Litearra Communications would welcome the opportunity to be your fresh eyes. We collaborate with many types of organizations to assess the strength of their messages and suggest approaches to makes sure those “gates” are attracting the right types of visitors.

Does Your Gate Welcome Your Guests?